Natures Essence Papaya Facial Kit

Papaya Facial Kit
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Natures Essence Papaya Facial Treatment Kit  275gm  (Free Papaya Face Wash):-

Papaya Milk (Cleansing Cream)
This soft and all free cream not only cleanses the skin but also cleanses the dead skin to give more fresh and clear look.

Papaya Pulp (Scrub Powder)
This dried pulp contains not only the dead cell cleansing agents but also complexion improving extracts. It lightens the patches and enhances cell stimulation.

Papaya Cream(Anti Blemish Cream)
This cream has strong properties to lighten the blemishes, pigmentation patches and dark circles. Its enzymes also offer peeling action and restore natural complexion.

Papaya Pack
Based on Papaya enzymes and citrus extracts, it has natural bleaching properties to improve the complexion of the skin. It also removes the dead epithelial cells and replenishes with the fresh glowing skin. Ideal to be used in cases of blemishes, pigmentation, dark patches and dark complexion.

How to use Nature's Essence Papaya Facial Treatment Kit:

Papaya Milk(Cleansing Cream)
Gently massage the cream for 3-5 min for cleansing.

Papaya Pulp (Scrub Powder)
Mix the powder in Skin Toner and apply on the blemished skin, massage gently and clean after 3-5 min.

Papaya Cream (Anti Blemish Cream)
Gently massage the cream for 10-15 min. and clean with wet cotton.

Papaya Pack Nature's Essence Papaya Facial Treatment Kit :
Apply Pack on wet face & leave for 15 min. Clean with fresh water. Apply Sun Magic before going out.


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